Path of Legends
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Find every lucky horseshoe and discover Poltava!

Poltava - a fairytale city, full of legends. One of them - about luck, that anyone who finds...

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Poltava - a fairytale city, full of legends. One of them - about luck, that anyone who finds a horseshoe on its path will receive. Horseshoe as tell Poltava citizens isn’t only a guardian, but a talisman which is sure to bring a good luck - a real success for years to come. For several hundred years, travelers who visit Poltava are searching for a horseshoe, to return home with confidence in their success. According to legend, anyone who wants to be lucky should pass Poltava, find the legendary path on which lucky horseshoes since Cossack times were left. And every traveler, if he will be realy attentive and careful, will certainly find all the horseshoes that bring good luck and the implementation of any courageous desires. In our time, the time of high technology and instant communication, it's hard to find a horseshoe on the road, lost by horse rider, but for those who believes in success is awaiting a reward. Poltava is always ready to meet the guests, so even today you will find success in Poltava. Go to the path of legends, and you will find all the horseshoes that are located on your way to success! Be confident and believe in your luck - it is waiting for you in Poltava!

«Korolenko Memorial and Literature Museum in Poltava»Opening date: 1928Built in: house of the late ХІХ – early ХХ century – national historical monument, protection No.160005-НPlace: 1 Korolenko str., Poltava
About Location:

In a picturesque corner of old Poltava, at the very beginning of Korolenko street under number 1 (old address: 1 Malo-Sadovaya street) there is a white one-storey house with a spacious wooden terrace. It is a shelter of talented writer Vladimir Galaktionovich Korolenko who having Ukrainian and Polish origin became a classic of world literature of the late ХІХ – early ХХ century. He moved to this house from a central part of the town having spent there his three first Poltava years. And here lodging a mansion of doctor Alexander Vikentievich Budagovskiy, he spent 18 last years of his life (1903-1921). It is the place where he finished his earthly course and posthumous fame has took its count.


1928 can be considered the first year of museum activity when writer’s family opened its door for numerous visitors, having arranged exhibition “Life and works of V.G. Korolenko” in the largest room of the house, and having preserved original atmosphere of a writer’s study. Admission for Poltava residents and its guests was free, whereof a museum poster kindly notifies. The first director was eldest daughter of Vladimir Galaktionovich Sofiya Korolenko. And it been almost 90 years that the door of Korolenko house is hospitably opened for everyone.